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We got this car off of Ebay. It was in Dora, AL. We bought it for around $2500 which isn't bad. This car was in a basement for about 20 years, then sold to the guy we bought it off of, which kept it in a garage for a while too. So we were very confident that the body was in fairly good condition and it was. YAY!! Then we transported it from Dora to here in Aberdeen. Using a horse trailer A.K.A My dad's Van trailer. Now me (Danielle) and my dad (Phil) are going to return it to it's former beauty. Can you tell I love this car? I hope you will enjoy watching it transform as much as we will.

Don't we look concerned.

Don't we look concerned.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fixing A Section Of The Toe Board

That section of toe board had allot of pin sized holes. So we cut it out to put a new piece in.

This was the old piece. We learned it is nearly impossible to mig weld holes together it just makes bigger ones.

Then dad is making his own piece for that section. By using a piece we cut off the new floor pan actually. :) Talk about conserving.

This is the finished project. We butt welded it in grinded it down to lay smooth. Don't it look great.

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