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We got this car off of Ebay. It was in Dora, AL. We bought it for around $2500 which isn't bad. This car was in a basement for about 20 years, then sold to the guy we bought it off of, which kept it in a garage for a while too. So we were very confident that the body was in fairly good condition and it was. YAY!! Then we transported it from Dora to here in Aberdeen. Using a horse trailer A.K.A My dad's Van trailer. Now me (Danielle) and my dad (Phil) are going to return it to it's former beauty. Can you tell I love this car? I hope you will enjoy watching it transform as much as we will.

Don't we look concerned.

Don't we look concerned.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Torque box with Rust Bullit

Redneck paint stirrer.
Painting the
torque box.
After painting is done
and is dry.


  1. you should try cardomain.com its full of car blogs.

  2. HHHH I keep trying to change that to where it just says Emily!