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We got this car off of Ebay. It was in Dora, AL. We bought it for around $2500 which isn't bad. This car was in a basement for about 20 years, then sold to the guy we bought it off of, which kept it in a garage for a while too. So we were very confident that the body was in fairly good condition and it was. YAY!! Then we transported it from Dora to here in Aberdeen. Using a horse trailer A.K.A My dad's Van trailer. Now me (Danielle) and my dad (Phil) are going to return it to it's former beauty. Can you tell I love this car? I hope you will enjoy watching it transform as much as we will.

Don't we look concerned.

Don't we look concerned.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hey well I haven't taken pictures for a while that's why I haven't posted for about a month now I geuss. Plus I've been pioneering this month so it's been CRAZY!!! I will get pictures taken in the next couple of weeks and get them on here. We have bought new front fenders. Some more Chrome Molding and some other stuff I cant think of right now. But I will get pictures and a list of some of the new stuff on inventory pretty soon. :)

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